Research in the Hwang lab focuses on the cognitive and neural dynamics of cognitive control. You can learn more about our work by reading the research page or publications. We are affilated with the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, the Iowa Neuroscience Institute, and the Cognitive Control Collaborative, a "superlab" initative that brings together researchers that share a common interest in cognitive control.

We are located at 355W PBSB, 340 Iowa Ave, Iowa City, IA 52242.

Our research is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Iowa Neuroscience Institute.

Lab Members

Kai Hwang, Ph.D. Lab Director
Email: kai-hwang@uiowa.edu

Carrie Shea, Clinical Research Assistant
Shannon Stokes, Research Assistant & Lab Manager
Hannah Morrow, Lab Manager Laureate
Mengxing Liu, Visiting Postdoc, Halassa Lab @ Tufts
Ray Gonzalez, Scientific Programmer
Stephanie Leach, Ph.D. Student, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Xitong Chen, Ph.D. Student, Psychological and Brain Sciences


Neha Nagarkar, Undergraduate RA & ICRU Fellow, 2022-2024, afterwards: PhD student at Oregon.
Juniper Hollis, lab manager, 2020-2022, afterwards: research associate, radiology, UIHC.
Dillan Cellier, lab manager 2018-2020, afterwards: PhD student at UCSD.
Evan Sorenson, scientific programmer 2020-2022, afterwards: software engineer.